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Member Spotlight: Michael Chad Hoeppner

Michael Chad Hoeppner: A Communication Expert Elevating the Film Industry

Michael Chad Hoeppner is the Founder and CEO of GK Training. He has a richly diverse background, ranging from acting to teaching. With an impressive academic foundation in linguistics, theater, rhetoric, and more, Michael has cultivated a deep understanding of the art of effective expression.

Michael's early career as a professional actor, which included performances on Broadway and international stages, gives him a special insight into the intricacies of non-verbal communication, body language, and emotional expression. This experience makes him an invaluable resource for both creatives and business professionals seeking to enhance their craft.

Transitioning from acting, Michael established GK Training, a firm dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to hone their communication skills. He has collaborated with top-tier companies, including global financial institutions, major law firms, and multinational tech and pharmaceutical giants. His expertise encompasses an array of communication facets, from public speaking to executive presence, Q&A strategies, and speechwriting.

Michael's innovation shines through his proprietary approach, using kinesthetic learning to drive rapid, lasting behavioral change. With over 40 exclusive kinesthetic drills, he addresses common communication hurdles such as filler language, poor eye contact, and slouching, opening up new possibilities for communication excellence.

Michael believes his techniques translate well in most all in environments and he coaches anyone, from high school students to presidential candidates. His insights and techniques can elevate communication within the industry, helping creative artists, producers, and directors effectively convey messages more powerfully and fostering enriched storytelling. Be on the look out for his book coming out next year. To learn more and watch a video of our Founder Cassandra Freeman implementing GK Training techniques, check out his website, here.

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