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A Creatricity Game Night

We are so glad you all came out for out first ever game night on Wednesday, July 26th alongside Final Draft and WeAudition at the Michelin Guide featured Niku X in Downtown Los Angeles. A night filled with great drinks, delicious bites, games and creative community.

The event featured an array of exciting activities and engaging speakers that left attendees inspired and invigorated.

The evening kicked off with an air of excitement as attendees were welcomed by the charismatic Chris Sullivan, renowned for his role in "This Is Us." With his infectious energy, Sullivan set the tone for the night ahead, one filled with laughter, partnership, and the celebration of artistic spirit.

Creative Twists with Final Draft: The game night was not just about mingling; it was about

tapping into our creative reserves. Attendees were treated to a unique a game of Script MadLibs, courtesy of Final Draft's innovative software. The room was not short on laughs, as participants crafted hilarious and offbeat narratives, demonstrating the power of storytelling and collaboration using Final Draft.

Inspiring Insights from Industry Icons: We also provided a platform for industry veterans to share their wisdom. Joely Fisher, actor and Secretary and Treasurer of SAG-AFTRA, took the stage to provide insights into the industry's dynamics and the importance of unity among creators. She shared her personal story and connection to the industry. Her words resonated deeply, reminding attendees of the strength that comes from collective endeavors.

Cassandra Freeman and Stephanie Lilly Smith, the Co-founders of Creatricity, also graced the audience with their presence. Their heartfelt speeches underlined the platform's mission to empower and uplift creators, emphasizing the need for spaces that foster collaboration and innovation.

Amplifying Voices and RESPECT: Elisabeth Röhm, a recent addition to Creatricity's executive team, shared a bit about her inspiring RESPECT project, an initiative aimed at creating inclusivity and representation for all voices through respectful conversations. Her passionate speech ignited conversations about the importance of diversity and equity, creating a space for thought-provoking dialogue and introspection.

Dance, Delights, and Gratitude: The night didn't conclude with speeches alone. We had an incredible DJ and a dance floor set the stage for attendees to relax and enjoy themselves amidst all that his going on.

The event's success wouldn't have been possible without the tireless efforts of Creatricity's team and volunteers. Everyone's dedication and enthusiasm brought all elements together seamlessly, creating a fabulous evening.

In retrospect, Creatricity's Game Night was more than just an event—it was a

celebration of creativity, collaboration, and the power of coming together as a community. As attendees left the venue with smiles on their faces and inspiration in their heart; a testament to the magic that happens when creative minds unite.

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