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5 Ways to Navigate Uncertainty as a Creative Professional

Let it Wash Over You

Allow yourself to be in your feelings about your current state of uncertainty. Allow yourself to acknowledge your own human experience, and the experience of anxiety. Are your thoughts racing? Hands sweaty? Body tightness? There is a sensing mechanism in humans known as interoception. Only when we are able to sense what’s going on with us, are we able to take action to address our issues.


Okay so we’re anxious and uncomfortable, great…now what? Knowing is half the battle but literally only half, which isn’t enough to feel better. Once you sense things have gone left, a helpful tool you can utilize is the stop technique. It involves telling yourself stop when you notice your thoughts spiraling. You can’t control what’s going on out in the world, but you can control you.

Breathe Through It

Now, combine that stop technique you just used with some good old diaphragmatic breathing aka belly breathing. This type of intentional breathing helps to regulate the autonomic functions in the body (heart rate, digestion, etc;), and brings our nervous systems back down into the window of tolerance. This technique often results in an overall feeling of relaxation and calm. Here’s a helpful example:


Are there any alternative ways of looking at the situation? Hidden, or less obvious upsides? New realities, seasons, or eras the uncertainty (aka The Divine, Source, God) could be gently or not so gently guiding you toward? What is the deep hidden meaning of this experience? Have you silently toyed with the idea of going back to school? Writing a novel or screenplay? Maybe you’ve yearned to pour into your own gifts, but never have had the time… until now. How can you shift your perspective?

Find Strength in Community

When things feel uncertain one of the best things you can do is lean into trusted family, friends, or supports like a therapist or coach. Having a container for your vulnerabilities and the warmth of someone who genuinely wants to see you happy is crucial in combating the unpredictable nature of a career in the arts.

If you’re interested in receiving support from other creative professionals like yourself within a therapy-informed theoretical framework, I’m starting a new process group focused on WOC called The Reinvention Method.

In this weekly group setting you’ll learn more about who you really are, what you actually want, and receive the practical tools and community support to achieve your wildest dreams in months, not decades. It would be my honor to welcome you!

To learn more you can reach me at or on Instagram @kidsister


Melissa Young M.A., NCC, CTP, aka @kidsister, is a professional recording artist having worked with such artists as Pharrell, Black Thought, Andre 3000, and producers Danger Mouse and Inflo. Melissa is also a Northwestern-trained, board certified psychotherapist, and coach specializing in creatives and women of color. She is fervently passionate about helping creatives and women of color beat imposter syndrome through working collaboratively toward their goals in a supportive, therapy-informed setting. And after that, she makes gold records.✨

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