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Nialah Baker
Head of Creative Strategy & Project Management

Founder, Piece to the Puzzle

Meet the dynamic Nialah Baker, Creatricity's esteemed Head of Creative Strategy & Project Management. Always the guiding force at the heart of innovation, Nialah masterfully navigates creative ideation while expertly managing projects to ensure delivery meets nothing short of excellence.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Nialah now cultivates her talent in sunny Los Angeles. Her distinctive New York hustle, coupled with her extensive corporate experience at organizations like Sephora, ESSENCE, L'Oreal, Hot97, etc., gives her a unique perspective on various industries – from beauty to tech, food to wellness, and entertainment.

Nialah's illustrious journey is also dotted with her involvement in high-profile events, including the BET Awards, Grammys, Netflix Premieres, and NBA All-Star Weekends, all of which contributed to her incredible finesse in project management and creative strategy.

A creative strategist with a knack for visionary thinking, Nialah is an expert in uncovering unique solutions for even the most complex projects. Her ability to manage projects with deft precision while maintaining the creative integrity sets her apart in her field. Further, her collaborative spirit brilliantly complements her ability to lead, making every project under her watch a touchstone for excellence.

Under her definitive project leadership, Nialah also excels at aligning talent with the right opportunities, ensuring that every creative project not only meets expectations but supports the mission and values of all involved.

Embracing her role at Creatricity, Nialah personifies her name's meaning: "one who succeeds." Serving as the driving force of memorable creative strategies, she plays an integral part in paving the way for the tech startup's growth and influence in the entertainment sector. With an unwavering belief in the power of hustle and divine guidance, she remains a vital force in this ever-evolving industry.

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