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Connecting community, culture, and industry.

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Creatricity is a members-only community and tech platform that solves the biggest pain points of quality, vetted producers in the media and entertainment industry.

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Creatricity is a community and tech platform for high quality producers to connect with vetted talent and crew across the United States.  Legal experts, investors and other resources help them complete their creative projects faster and more simply. The platform also includes tools and events where producers can stay up to date on the latest news and trends in their industry, resources to help solve common people and production challenges, and provide a way for producers to stay on the top of their game with what’s new and next in media and entertainment production.

Authentic Connections

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Connect to your industry peers and meet those you’ve been itching to work with.

Inspired Creativity

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Create new and refreshing content that sparks from the connections you make within our community.

Powerful Resources

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Members help one another by recommending their favorite resources for glam (hair, make-up, grooming, etc.), childcare, entertainment lawyers, publicists, and more.

Meaningful Collaborations

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Through authentic connections, collaborations spark innovative opportunities to make magic.

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Learn from the brightest minds on different topics ranging from entertainment law to building a production company.

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Legend Talks

These conversations, held quarterly, keep our members inspired by the giants in the entertainment industry.

And so much more...

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It's what you've been looking for...

Here’s just a few things you might find inside:

Looking to add more diversity to your writer’s room, producing team, department heads…

We got you…

Need a hairstylist for an event?

Yeah, we can help there, too…

Who's a cool publicist?

We’ve got suggestions!

I’m in a Chicago shooting and need a babysitter…

Being a working parent in the industry is hard…but we’ve got you covered here too.

Can you recommend an entertainment business manager?

Oh but of course, we have suggestions for this too…and we can help you find someone trustworthy.

How much can I ask the network for my glam budget?

There are so many incredible resources at the click of a button…

Membership at Creatricity is selective and based on career credentials. It requires an application and a recommendation from a current Creatricity member, or a link to your IMDb/portfolio. 

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